Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blog Candy Giveaway

I found the most amazing giveaway today at check it out, there are some great things on offer.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Anzac Weekend with JVo's Classes

As you can see Jo and I and many other Ladies had a wonderful weekend filled with Julie's classes at Scraptacular in Mentone, what a talented lady she is, Jo and I attended 3 of the 5 classes held over the weekend which started Friday afternoon and went through until Saturday night.

They were fullon classes that kept you working the whole time trying to complete your project, the only 1 I did not complete until this afternoon, was the art boxes as we were on a much smaller time frame, because of classes to follow on. All of Julie's new products are wonderful and they are so easy to use.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

In Memory of Dad

Today my Dad would have turned 83, these pictures are from some wonderful times, at the top him on Holidays, then Mum and Dad at a Wedding and the last one is of me and him on the 14th May 1983, my goodness how time flies, he passed away on the 6th of September, 2000 and I still miss him terribly.

Aubergine Houses

I have completed 2 Houses, as I wasn't happy with the first one,the small one, I was using Collection houses, however I decorated the card and then realised you are supposed to put them together with decorative paper, so I had to do it inside out, which means all the seams are vi sable. The second one I painted and decorated the paper and then made a house as I didn't have any big ones left from the set and I am much happier with that one.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Play Day at Greta's

Today Greta and I had a crafty day at her place, we created 2 tiles each, mine are the 2 on the left of the screen. We also attempted to make some 3D houses, which I can only say are a work in progress, started but definitely not finished. I will post that when finally finished. But it was a wonderful day, with sunshine coming in the big open door and lots of chatter and laughing.