Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Birthday Outing

My wonderful husband took me to the Windsor Hotel for my birthday where we had dinner and breakfast the next day. When we arrived we were upgraded from the Junior suite to the Windsor suite, which is where the top photo was taken. It is directly opposite the steps of Parliament Building, where we saw all the brides and grooms having their photos taken. The Windsor suite and that wing of the hotel is soon to be demolished in their up coming renovations which will be a shame as it is an amazing set of rooms.

Birthday Outing

This was Jo's and mine birthday lunch on Tuesday this week at a little cafe in Chelsea called Center Stage, it was very cute and quirky and the food was good. Fun was had by all.

Arty Oz Art Boxes

I was in a swap with Arty-oz where we made 2 boxes for someone and received 2 back from someone else, well my boxes went to Lucy and and I got some beautiful ones back from Liz. My boxes are the top ones(photo supplied by Lucy).

Belinda Card

This card was done for Belinda's birthday, I am giving it to her tonight however her birthday was in August, but lucky her she has been Bail for 2 weeks on Holidays.

Jo's Birthday Book(card)

This was Jo's card for her birthday which I have only just this week given to her.
Sorry these posts are all out of order, you should read I'm back first and then look at everything else.

The second photo is me, Michelle and Jenny whom helped me put it all together


Well I know it's been a long time between posts here, but there has been a lot going on that just kept me away from blogging. First off I did something to my back and then as a result pinched the nerve going right down my left leg, which I am still having treatment for. Second I got a massive tooth infection which resulted in many visits to the doctor to get jabs in the bum and I am now just starting the root canal treatment at the dentist.

My good friend Jo turned 50 in August and we had many outing and craft projects to create for her, that at the time were very hush hush but now I can show what I have been doing. The first project which took a couple of months involved many ladies from all over Australia who contributed. This was a canvas made with JVO's Collection tiles and then put onto a stretched canvas which I painted black. The artists involved were myself, Michelle Cevic, Jenny Kelly, Helen Jones, Jayne Richardson, Susanne, Greta Young, Teresa Abajo, Jenny Crossley, Sue Gore, Nicky Keegan, Patsy Worledge, Ro Bruhn, Donna Taylor, Debra Murray, Ness Henry, Marilyn Lunt, Marth Jane and Raelene, their work was stunning and a secret very well kept