Saturday, October 20, 2007

I've Started in the World of Blogging

I have finally done it, I started a blog, after reading so many this will be a real adventure for me, to figure it all out.

I spent a couple of hours with Greta this afternoon trying to help her clean her craft room, however, its a very personal thing, and only the owner knows where they want everything to go, I know that this is what I'm like. I have read Greta's blog for quite some time now and decided that now its my turn to have a go.


Gretz said...

Ha Ha I'm glad you didn't take any photos for your blog today!

Thanjks for your help today ;-)

Teresa said...

About time Gail!! Now I don't have to wait for our get-togethers to see what you've made. Hooray for you!