Friday, February 1, 2008

Big Day Out

Julians Stash, she had more but didn't put it in the picture.

Gails Stash everything on show.

Today Julian and I had the very best day, apart from me getting lost before I got to Parkville and nearlly having a headon. The day started with us going to Doggerts where we were very good and only purchased a few things. We then headed off to Beachhouse Boulavard in Footscray, much to our disappointment it was closed, but it only meant we went off looking for somewhere else to peruse. Much to our delight we found in Footscray the most amazing find of the year, a junk shop to beat all other junk shops, we had a ball looking and touching everything, we even had a tour of upstairs where the owner lives it was fabulous with junk everywhere even in her apartment, where Julian and I had to keep our mouths closed because of the drooling.

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Ro Bruhn said...

I must find out where these three places are from you Gail, I've never heard of them, you're finds look great. I assume they were for Michael's workshop, you all made wonderful things.