Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jen Crossley's Class

Well yesterday was an absolute scorcher the temperature soared to the high 40's, with raging bush fires and unfortunate deaths and during all this horror, in my air conditioned house I hosted a class for Jen in Metal Etching. I and the others here had no idea that the fires were out of control all over Victoria.

We had a fabulous time with lots of lollies, laughter, drinks(soft), innuendo(we had to be careful as Jo's 15 year old daughter was around) and most of all creating.

Jen is a wonderful teacher and is very generous with her knowledge and the kits that she supplied.

My husband Peter is not so happy as there was a few holes drilled into our dining room table, but these things happen. He also helped me figure out how to work the dremmel this morning, so next time I will be able to use it to cut of the excess metal. Check out the Jen's, Liz'z and Teresa's blogs for more photo's and info.


Ro Bruhn said...

Look's like you all had a good time. Love what you all made, great stuff.

Teresa said...

Gail - thank you for opening up your home to us. Your air conditioning coped marvellously, you are a wonderful host!

Jen Crossley said...

Oh No Not holes in the table Im so sorry Gail will peter ever talk to me again??
I did have a wonderful time I was a nice girl till you girls corupted me LOL
Thanks for having us,and Im glad you worked out the dremel

Joanne said...

A working dremel sounds like the best excuse for another class....and I am so sorry about the holes in the table...