Monday, August 25, 2014

Where has all the time gone?????

I have finally remembered I have a blog, HA HA, no excuses I have been slack.
I have had a few things happen in the last year, 1. My eldest son Stuart married his partner Sarah.
2. Their second son Levi was born at the end of May and a few other momentous occasions that I cannot publish here. Now that I have relearned how to login to my account and post this message I will attempt to put some of the pictures of my artwork from the past year up here, not today as I don't have access to my photos at the moment. The only photo that I can update is a photo of myself with my husband at my sons wedding. The wedding was in Port Vila in March just as cyclone Lucy was coming through, so things didn't go quite to plan, but it was a beautiful wedding and everything worked out in the end.

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